Rails Conf 2013: The Magic Tricks of Testing by Sandi Metz

I've watched a great video on Youtube about Testing, by the awesome Sandi Metz. I really like her style when shes holding speeches at Ruby Cons. I think the whole Testing thing is really important for every developer so I give it a try and summarize what she said. Testing Alot of programmers dont bother … Continue reading Rails Conf 2013: The Magic Tricks of Testing by Sandi Metz


Building a RESTful API

What makes and API RESTful? each individual request should have no context of the requests that came before it each request that modifies the database should act on one and only one row of one and only one table.Requests that only fetch information should get zero or more rows from one table. The resource endpoints … Continue reading Building a RESTful API


Hey guys, it's been nearly a month since I've written my last post. I've been busy with university. I've finished my little project, a recreation of a basic forum. It has user authentication, the abilty to make post entries and also commenting is possible. In the beginning I had alot more ideas for my first … Continue reading RESTful API

Ruby the Hard Way: Designing and Debugging

Rules for If-statements mandatory else-statement if else-statment never runs, because it doesnt make sense, there need to be a die function, that prints out an error message and closes afterwards Don't nest if-statements more than 2 deep Treat if-statements like paragraphs, where each if-elsif-else grouping is like a set of sentences. Put blank lines before and … Continue reading Ruby the Hard Way: Designing and Debugging

Learn ruby the hard way: the hard way!

I set myself a challenge: learn programming every day, except weekends, for at least 5 hours. The reason behind this, was me beeing distracted by timeconsuming stuff like gaming, youtube and social media. I really want to prove to myself, that I can push through it and learn the stuff as soon as possible. Let's … Continue reading Learn ruby the hard way: the hard way!