Installing Uru

Since having multiple ruby versions to work with is a huge benefit when it comes to collaborating with others , the time has come to get used to a ruby version manager like program called Uru.

Uru is like RVM, rbenv, pik and chruby , a ruby environment manager. That means its possible to easily switch ruby versions.

Installing Uru on Win10: ( how i did it )

  1. making a folder, add it to your PATH, like we did with git for example.
  2. downloading and extracting Uru to that folder
  3. open command line: cd into that folder and run:
    uru_rt admin install
  4. Registering all ruby versions with:
    C:\>uru admin add C:\Ruby\22\bin
    ---> Registered ruby at `C:\Ruby\22\bin` as `221p85`     

5. switch to the version you like:

C:\uru>uru 233 #this number represents the version > 2.3.3
—> now using ruby 2.3.3-p222 tagged as `233p222`


A quick tip for those who cant figure out the exact root of the ruby installations:

Navigate to where your ruby version is installed and go to your bin folder. On the top, where stuff like (C:) > Ruby23-x64>bin is located, rightclick on “bin” and copy the adress to the command line. That helped me to register my ruby versions.


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