My first Blog Post – Day 0

My first Blog Post – Day 0

This is my very first blog post, I’m really excited.

I am going to do my best to describe in my own words what i am learning related to programming and especially Ruby on Rails. I’m not a fan of many words so lets begin:


Why did i choose Ruby on Rails?

  • It’s really beginner friendly
  • Ruby has a relative simple syntax
  • the framework rails is awesome to get your webapp prototype online really fast
  • it’s often used by startups

I’ve watched this Youtube video:, by Mattan Griffel and it got me hooked early on.


What OS am i using?

  • I’m currently using Windows 10, but thinking about switching over to Linux


What version of Ruby and what version of Rails am i using?

  • Ruby: ruby 2.3.1p112
  • Rails: Rails


What else am i using?

  • I’m using version control with Git and Github.
  • I’m deploying my webapps to Heroku for the time being, since it fits my needs for smaller apps
  • I also use an editor: Sublime Text 3 to manage my app


But why am i learning to program at all?

I have spent my time in front of a monitor half of my life. I tryed out lots of things like beeing a poker professional or making electronical music, which i still like doing from time to time but somehow none of those things could keep me interested long enough to get me going on.

I’m fascinated by the idea to create something from scratch thats why i thought i should at least give programming a try and guess what! I’m still here learning almost every day, keep pushing myself through tutorials and really ENJOYING IT! 


What are my plans for the future?

I had once watched a video about whole different topic, think it was about economics i had to study for an exam. The key message i got from it has been: write your specific goals down, like what and when you want to achieve them. For myself, i have written down something like:

  1. Developing my first webapp – January 2017
  2. Finishing my beer brewing course – Between July and September 2017
  3. Beeing a professional developer(Freelancing/remote)  – Mid 2017

Whenever i get stuck at coding or something alike and feel like quitting for the day, i read through my goals.


Freelancing ?

Yes! i love the idea to work whenever, with whoever, and whereever i feel like.


Puh, wasn’t as difficult as i’ve imagined 😉




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