Hey guys, it's been nearly a month since I've written my last post. I've been busy with university. I've finished my little project, a recreation of a basic forum. It has user authentication, the abilty to make post entries and also commenting is possible. In the beginning I had alot more ideas for my first … Continue reading RESTful API

Ruby the Hard Way: Designing and Debugging

Rules for If-statements mandatory else-statement if else-statment never runs, because it doesnt make sense, there need to be a die function, that prints out an error message and closes afterwards Don't nest if-statements more than 2 deep Treat if-statements like paragraphs, where each if-elsif-else grouping is like a set of sentences. Put blank lines before and … Continue reading Ruby the Hard Way: Designing and Debugging

Learn ruby the hard way: the hard way!

I set myself a challenge: learn programming every day, except weekends, for at least 5 hours. The reason behind this, was me beeing distracted by timeconsuming stuff like gaming, youtube and social media. I really want to prove to myself, that I can push through it and learn the stuff as soon as possible. Let's … Continue reading Learn ruby the hard way: the hard way!